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2008-05-24 14:54:22 by CloudCannon

Hello Newgrounds fans!
I'm a new audio submitter around here. Most of my stuff has been premade from a few months ago so I'm going to have a lot of stuff coming up around the portals that will most definitely rock some socks off.

I hope everyone enjoys what I've done with all of my boredom!

And I know that the earlier stuff is kinda crappy, but I put it up anyway :P


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2008-05-24 15:28:12

What kind of music will you be making?

CloudCannon responds:

It's just a bunch of techno and trance stuff. I saw that some people on the site were kind of sick of everyone submitting this kind of music, but it doesn't mean I shouldn't do it anyway


2008-05-25 08:41:23

Here's a tip for you: Lower the master volume knob after you're done with a song, cause your stuff is clipping a shitload at the moment :P

I just went and validated you- and I must say most of your songs are really messed up and... different... but I really liked that Dinkadink song, groovy as hell :D